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Free Mom Hugs

By Melinda Cadwallader, Co-Founder of The Hive CDA

Presence. It has the power to change the atmosphere. Our presence can bring a sense of peace into the room, or it can usher in fear. As a mother, my presence on the playground lets bullies know: NOT TODAY. It communicates to potential predators: NOT ON MY WATCH. And my presence to the ones I love, says: I AM HERE FOR YOU. I once walked my son across a basketball court and the young boys shooting hoops cleaned up their language real quick.

Moms know the power of presence, unfortunately, not everyone has had the privilege of a mom whose love is unconditional. Not everyone can relate to a Mama Bear who has your back. And not everyone has a mom in their corner cheering them on and encouraging them to live their best life. Mom Love is like no other and this mom wants everyone to have access to it.

For Mother’s Day this year, let yourself receive some surrogate Mom Love. Trust and know that there are moms nearby who have got your back, sending you blessings in all your endeavors, and whose love for you will never run dry. This is my Mom Hug to you. Thank you for creating more opportunities for moms like me, to keep on mothering.


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