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Pride Youth Alliance

PRIDE YOUTH ALLIANCE is a youth and young adult empowerment group for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer or Questioning and Allied people (LGBTQA+) that encourages positive self-development and expression, as well as leadership. The Pride Youth Alliance bridges diverse communities and individuals to address issues of safety, visibility, equality, and social justice. We are dedicated to celebrating the authenticity, dignity and courage of all young people.

Pride Youth Alliance believes that you should celebrate who you are, what makes you unique and why you matter. For members of our LGBTQA+ youth community, we provide a safe, inclusive and affirming environment to foster relationships, build personal and professional skills and we nurture the evolution of your identity. 


The Pride Youth Alliance is a group where LGBTQ+ youth and their allies can meet and make friends, and feel connected to those who share common experiences. We provide a foundation for personal growth, and empowerment, developing life skills, developing leadership skills, and strengthening relationships in the larger community we live in.



Every individual defines success differently, and at the Pride Youth Alliance we know that having access to leaders and mentors who understand your goals, and the barriers you may face in reaching them, is essential to realizing your potential. We believe in empowering you to build your self-esteem, advance your leadership development and cultivate skills that will support your ability to make positive decisions throughout every stage of your life.


From support with school and work to community involvement and beyond, the Pride Youth Alliance provides a variety of opportunities of varying commitment levels that are open to our LGBTQ and Ally youth community.

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