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Safety Guidelines & Community Agreements

The North Idaho Pride Alliance is mindful that we are transitioning through a historic time when we are politically divided by irrational hostilities and acts of violence. These are the difficult birth pains of a more just and compassionate nation that make many in our community wonder about safety during public gatherings. We have learned that we as a community keep ourselves safe when we act in partnership with individuals, community organizations, businesses, and public officials to develop a Pride Safety Plan. We believe the vast majority of Americans want to live in safe, respectful communities. Coeur d’Alene has always been a place of community — working together to solve her problems. 

These shared values of peace and respect for all are what make Coeur d’Alene and North Idaho exceptional. The North Idaho Pride Alliance wants you to have a safe and fun PRIDseason this June.

Our Safety Guidelines.


  • Proactive Training. Members of the Pride in the Park Planning Committee, Safety Team and our on-site volunteers will be trained in peacekeeping de-escalations skills by Liz Moore, director of PJALS. PJALS has decades of community organizing and leadership development in Spokane, mentoring and inspiring leaders who are committed to building a just and nonviolent world. Interested in joining our training? Send an email to!

  • Day-of Volunteer Crew. In addition to our Pride in the Park Planning Committee, we will have a number of volunteers on-site at Pride in the Park. They will be identifiable by their CDA4Pride t-shirts.

  • Pride in the Park Community Agreements.  Love is a verb. We keep each other safe when we remember this and keep community agreements close to our hearts whenever we come together as diverse people, we are to affirm the principles of democracy, freedom, and equality. Our goal, desire, and future organizing work will be the creation of a diverse community of individuals who think more clearly, feel more deeply, and behave more responsibly. The first step towards this goal is accepting some basic agreements about public gatherings.  Our community agreements can be found at the bottom of this page.

  • See Something, Say Something.  In the event of an incident that requires the immediate attention of law enforcement or paramedics, please call 911. The City of Coeur d’Alene will be on-site and ready to help. In addition, we will have a designated Public Safety Liaison on the Pride in the Park volunteer team. We will also have a designated safety station. Any observations you may have about the behavior of someone which is troubling, potentially harmful, or in violation of our community agreements should be reported to a Safety Monitor (who will be easily identifiable by their bright yellow vests), the safety station, the safety lead, or the police immediately.

  • Consensual Content.  We ask event volunteers, vendors, attendees, and those following along online to be mindful of sharing and tagging content that is consensual among those captured in photos or videos. Please be sure your content is thoughtful, respectful, and embodies the mind of a peacekeeper. Please do not make assumptions about fellow Pride in the Park attendees, their identities, and/or comfort with appearing in photos publicly. Please do your best to ask for consent before posting, sharing, and tagging.

Pride in the Park Community Agreements.


  • Be Respectful. Affirm the dignity of your fellow LGBTQIA+ community members through kindness and respect.


  • See something, Say something. Power and safety come from the strength of our relationships and our commitment to our community. Please report any concerns, no matter how big or small, to our safety station on site.


  • Zero Engagement with Protesters. In the event of a protest, follow the mindset of a peacekeeper. Do not engage in negative dialogue or debate. Debating only serves to reinforce their belief they have a valid position. Our rights, freedom, dignity, our lives, are not debatable. Focus your energy on the community celebration rather than those attempting to distract from the purpose of our event. They want attention. Don’t give it to them. Learn to internalize a total indifference to their presumed positions of authority. Live a proactive life, not a reactive one.



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