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​Our resource lists are always evolving as we learn about more open and affirming services in north Idaho. If you have knowledge of a resource that we should add, please email us at and we will check them out. Please contact us if you have a negative or positive experience or would recommend any other providers.

If you would like to have your business or organization listed in our LGBTQ+ Resource Guide, please complete our online form here.


The North Idaho Pride Alliance resource database is for reference purposes only. The North Idaho Pride Alliance is not liable for the quality of service and treatment you may receive. By offering this resource guide,, the North Idaho Pride Alliance in no way endorses the use of a particular provider or health care professional's services. The North Idaho Pride Alliance makes no representations, and assumes no obligations, regarding the choice or quality of treatment (medical or otherwise) one may receive through any listed provider. We hope that our resource database helps you find a provider that works for you. If you have any questions about the process of our development in the resource referral database, please email us at

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Our LGBTQ+ Resource Guide is made possible because of Community Grant funding from Pride Foundation.
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