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The North Idaho Pride Alliance supports drag in Idaho. Drag is an artistic expression of feelings, personas, and culture, with the purpose of entertaining audiences in safe spaces. It is enjoyed by people of all ages, sexualities, gender expressions, and backgrounds.


As an LGBTQIA+ organization, we stand up and support drag performers locally, regionally, and nationally, and we're proud to "Support Drag in Idaho."


In January 2023, Senator Ben Toews sponsored a bill to ban drag performances and performers from any and all publicly funded spaces, such as local community colleges, public libraries, or other community buildings. It also prohibits these types of performances in public, including Pride Festivals. This bill allows everyday citizens to report performers, businesses, and organizations and imposes a heavy fine if voted into law.


The bill luckily didn't make it out of committee, as it prohibited "artistic expression" and infringed on the arts community. Sadly, the 2024 legislative season had plenty of bills targeting the LGBTQIA+ community. We expect this to continue, and we anticipate seeing a form of this anti-drag bill again in the upcoming 2025 legislative session with more carefully worded language to make it vague enough to pass the committee.


Take a moment to realize the implications this bill could have for others in your community, not just the LGBTQIA+ community. Does your organization host any benefit events where one gender dresses as the opposite to raise money? Does your local high school put on any plays where students might have to dress in the opposite gender? This bill has lasting implications for many activities, both LGBTQIA+ and straight.


We want to show Senator Toews (and supporters) that North Idaho and the greater Idaho communities support drag, drag performers, drag performances, and our First Amendment rights!



"Drag" - Noun, adjective. The act of performing a gender or presenting as a different gender, usually for the purpose of entertainment (i.e. drag kings and queens).



  1. Donate to NIPA’s “Protect Drag in Idaho” Fund to support local and regional drag performers! We aim to advocate on their behalf and ensure we can provide them with safe spaces to share their art with us.

  2. Purchase “I Support Drag in Idaho” or other merchandise to help fund our advocacy efforts.

  3. Write and call your State Legislators.

  4. Attend one of our postcard events or host one on your own.

  5. Help educate your community about drag – and share the joy!


* All donations to the "Protect Drag in Idaho" Fund stay with the fund and go to support local, regional and state-wide drag performers, effort to advocate for their rights, and to enhance the art community with drag. 


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